Xyfil Turns 10: A Decade of Industry Innovation and Growth

This year, we at Xyfil are excited to celebrate a pivotal milestone that marks a decade of revolutionizing the E-liquid, CBD, cosmetic, and personal hygiene manufacturing industries. What began as a small venture in the UK has blossomed into an international behemoth known for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

A Genesis of Ambition and Dedication

Established in 2014 with a team of just three visionary leaders, Xyfil originally occupied a modest 1,000 sqft building. The canvas was small, but the dreams were vast. Our early days were characterized by relentless dedication to research, development, and customer service. We understood that the nascent E-liquid industry demanded excellence, and we positioned ourselves to exceed expectations from the outset.

Expanding Our Horizon

The subsequent years witnessed remarkable growth for us at Xyfil. By 2018, our workforce had expanded to 75 employees, and our production facility had upgraded to a sprawling 18,000 sqft building. This investment in infrastructure was complemented by our assurance of quality, as we proudly achieved ISO certification. Our turnover surged to £7 million, a testament to the trust our clientele vested in our products and services.

Pioneering Pathways

Emerging as a market leader, Xyfil did not rest on its laurels. Our commitment to setting new standards was unwavering. In 2019, we made an indelible mark in the UAE, establishing a headquarters that not only facilitated our expansion into the Middle East but also allowed us to be the first to have products published through ESMA regulations. This was not just about geographical reach; it was about setting precedents for compliance and excellence in all our operations.

Setting Ourselves Apart

Throughout the next few years, our growth remained relentless. We continued to bolster our presence in the Middle East, expanding our headquarters and our workforce. Our sister company, an e-commerce platform, grew to operate in 24 global stores, and our renowned brand, Pod Salt, became available in an impressive 61 countries. These accomplishments were more than just numbers; they were a demonstration of Xyfil’s enduring quest for global impact and recognition.

Even with challenges such as the pandemic, Xyfil remained running and continued to support our customers amidst exponential price hikes on materials and more. As the industry and compliance landscape for E-liquids change in the UK and globally, we are positive and excited to meet these challenges head on while maintaining our lead as a world class manufacturing partner for our customers.

Gratitude and Anticipation

As we look back on this remarkable trajectory, we are filled with immense gratitude for the loyal support of our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. This milestone is a shared victory, and we are fiercely proud of the community that has stood by us. We recognize that the trust we have earned demands an even greater commitment to excellence and innovation. The next decade promises more growth, more opportunities, and more reasons to celebrate.

By Your Side, Into the Future

The story of Xyfil’s 10-year legacy is not just about the past, but about the synergy that we continue to build with our partners as we step into the future. Our dedication to delivering superior products and fostering a sustainable and ethical working environment remains resolute. Our vision is clear, and our focus is sharper than ever as we continue to lead the charge in our industries.

We thank you for being part of our story and look forward to many more years of partnership, growth, and success. Together, we are poised to redefine the benchmarks that guide our industries, and for that, we are truly grateful. Here’s to the next decade of daring innovation and unparalleled quality.