Flavours Around the Globe: International Vape Tastes

In the expansive market of vaping, one thing is clear—the world is full of a myriad of unique and diverse flavour preferences. To understand and cater to these preferences is to unlock a world of potential for vape brand owners. We’ve taken a look at the flavour landscapes across different continents, highlighting what’s popular in the UK, the European Union, and the United Arab Emirates.

While exact flavours may vary between customers, these insights can help equip your vape products to delight a wide range of customers, leading to a stronger brand presence and increased market share.

The Variety of Life

Starting with a quick look at different flavours around the world, it’s important to understand how much these flavours can vary from one place to another. These differences show us not just how cultures vary but also what local customers like. In the vape industry, whether a product succeeds or fails can depend a lot on whether people like its flavour.

UK’s Vape Flavour Affair

In the UK, vapers are known to have a preference for complex fruity blends that invigorate the senses. Think lush tropical fruit salads dotted with tangy add-ins like pineapple or a hint of mango. This love for complexity stems from the thriving vape culture that values innovation and uniqueness.

EU’s Fruity and Tobacco Eclipses

Similarly, certain countries within the European Union gravitate towards rich fruity concoctions. However, the Union’s recent regulations have also led to a surge in demand for simple, standalone fruit flavours, as well as an upswing in tobacco-infused options. The latter has become a way for vapers to adjust to the increasingly popular tobacco flavour when more complex ones are unavailable.

UAE’s Prefers Simplicity

Turning to the UAE, the market for vape flavours leans towards simplicity, with a preference for straightforward, single-note flavours. This is partly due to the cultural inclination towards less ostentatious tastes and an increased demand for less-complicated vaping experiences.

Understanding these nuances not only informs you about the types of products that will be well-received but also provides an opportunity to educate your consumers on new and unique flavour profiles they may not have encountered otherwise.

Top Flavours for Countries

Now, with a closer look at specific flavours that have garnered popularity, brand owners can tailor their product offerings to meet consumer demand and take advantage of these informed insights. We took a look at the most popular Pod Salt flavours to find what global vapers were enjoying the most.


The UK market continues to show a fondness for complexity, with Pod Salt’s Pacha Mama Fusion Strawberry Kiwi Ice, Core Mixed Berries Ice, and Nexus Lime Raspberry Grapefruit emerging as top favourites. These sophisticated blends of multiple fruits coupled with refreshing undertones are highly sought after, indicating a mature palate among British vapers.


Meanwhile, in many countries within the EU, fruity flavours also reign supreme. Pod Salt’s Banana Ice, Lychee Ice, and Watermelon Ice have become synonymous with European vaper preferences. Notably, those countries where flavour bans have taken over, display a growing affinity for tobacco-flavoured vapes, seen in Pod Salt’s Cuban Crème, Virginia Gold and fruit-infused tobacco, which offer a bridge to retain and attract customers in the wake of flavour restrictions.


In the UAE, the no-frills nature of Pod Salt’s range of simpler flavours has struck a chord. Vapers in the Emirates have shown a preference for standalone fruit notes and cooling sensations, with Banana Ice, Mango Ice, and Blueberry Pomegranate proving to be crowd-pleasers. Also proving popular are shisha-inspired blends like Double Apple which blend fruit with an aniseed aftertaste.

Each of these observations represents an opportunity for vape brand owners to align their product offerings more closely with the specific tastes of these regional markets.

Work With the Best Flavours in the Business

Finally, to capitalize on this global market, vape brand owners can collaborate with leading flavour specialists like Xyfil. By partnering with Xyfil, brands can access a vast array of established white-label flavours that have been meticulously crafted to meet the demands of the international market.

Xyfil offers a range of services, from providing an extensive catalogue of white label flavours to working with our award-winning flavourists who can develop custom blends tailored to the target market’s unique palates. Through this tailored approach, brands can ensure that their products not only adhere to regional taste preferences but also stand out in a crowded market for all the right reasons.

In conclusion, understanding and incorporating global flavour preferences into your vape product strategy is a powerful way to elevate your brand’s position in the international market. By catering to the diverse and rich tastes of the UK, EU, and UAE consumers, you can craft a vape experience that’s not only top-notch in quality but also resonates with the local culture and consumer base. Partner with the right flavour experts, stay true to the local ethos, and watch your brand flourish across the continents.