E-liquid Safety and Regulatory Compliance is essential for any successful e-liquid brand or business. As a leading UK e-liquid manufacturer, we pride ourselves on assuring eLiquid quality and safety.

At Xyfil, we offer a wide range of analytical solutions to meet your business requirements including GC-MS, HPLC-UV screening and toxicological assessments. These solutions are used alongside due diligence liquid and packaging text for regulatory notification and TPD compliance.

We have a purpose-built analytical laboratory, including patent-pending equipment for generating real-world accurate emissions samples, to assure our dedicated team of scientists can handle compliance from end-to-end.

                    Our compliance support services include

  • User/Product leaflet design
  • Nicotine dosage and uptake
  • Regulatory notifications, including to FDA
  • Full TPD notification submission
  • Packaging compliance
  • Vigilance and annual reporting
  • Full composition analysis
  • Comprehensive emissions testing
  • Hardware testing
  • Toxicological and safety assessments
  • Metals testing
  • Leakage testing
  • CLP classification per SKU

                    The Regulatory Compliance Brochure

To learn more about Regulatory Compliance and the compliance services we can provide, download a free copy of our Regulatory Compliance Brochure.