How Can E-Liquid Manufacture be Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly, kind on the wallet, and better for your health – it’s not hard to see why the vaping market has seen such continued success against the tobacco industry. For those looking to learn more about becoming an eco-friendly E-Liquid manufacturer, and maybe develop your first eco-friendly products, we’ve put together a few starting points to get on the right track. 

Source and Distribute Local to Save The Planet

We all know shipping products across the globe with hundreds of air miles is harsh on the environment. Whilst many vape or E-Liquid products are shipped and sold internationally, becoming a local manufacturer or selling locally help keep your E-Liquids in good stock without the long journey.

At Xyfil, our head offices and production site are based in Preston, UK. We’re proud to produce and sell to the national market and support the UK industry. However, our manufacturing facilities have also developed across Dubai, UAE, Europe, North America, and the Middle East – so wherever you are in the world, a Xyfil E-Liquid can be on your doorstep with minimal environmental costs. 

Dispose of disposables

It’s no surprise that disposable vape devices have boomed in popularity both with customers and manufacturers. Cheap to make and easy for consumers to get to grips with, they allow brands to reach new customers and promote new flavours. But at what price?

Disposable vapes contain lithium-ion batteries which are usually designed to be used at least 300 times, with the average being around 500 – that’s 500 puffs per device. However, regardless of whether there is life left in these disposable devices once the E-Liquid runs out, they become virtually useless and are thrown away, often only hours after first being used. That’s hundreds upon hundreds of batteries being manufactured, transported around the world, and then discarded. These devices are not even recyclable due to the battery and nicotine in the device making them anything but environmentally friendly.

Of course, these trends live and die by the consumers so it’s not surprising that brands have raced to bring out their own disposable devices. Pod devices seem to be making a return, and these kits offer a much more environmentally friendly alternative, whilst remaining simple for new vapers. Many pod kits offer refillable cartridges that only need replacing once the coil burns out, rather than replacing the whole device.

We offer a variety of E-Liquid product types from 10ml TPD compliant E-Liquids to shortfills in 60ml and 120ml. Our manufacturing services include freebase nicotine as well as our premium nicotine salt, combined with our award-winning flavour blends, at Xyfil we can help you create your E-Liquid brand or take it further.

Is Your E-Liquid Sustainable?

We’ve never been more aware of the importance of understanding where our products come from and the mark they make on our planet. Making sure the E-Liquid products we produce use ingredients sourced mindfully and sustainably is one of the best steps to becoming an eco-friendly manufacturer.

At Xyfil, the CBD used for our CBD vape liquids is 100% organic and sustainably sourced from traceable farms in Colorado, USA. We also maintain full traceability for all our products, including sample collections on raw materials and full tracking throughout the product development life cycles. This way we can be sure of every step of the process. So, we know our E-Liquids are eco-friendly, sustainable, and consistent. 

Develop Your Eco-Friendly E-Liquid Range Today

Hopefully, our starting points have got you thinking about how to make your vape devices and E-Liquids more eco-friendly and, perhaps, some new ideas for developing your next eco-friendly product. Whether that’s an addition to an existing range, or your first tentative step into the market, our team can help you create something conscious, sustainable, and profitable. Get in touch today to find out more!