Getting started with CBD Manufacturing

For those working in the CBD industry – whether you’re selling cosmetics or E-Liquids – understanding the basics of good CBD manufacturing is essential. At Xyfil, we’re experts in the industry with years of experience supporting brands and manufacturing from start to finish. We are here to guide you along your journey as you look to develop your latest products or start on your first launch. Keep reading to better understand the differences in CBD manufacturing across product ranges, and perhaps get some inspiration for your next step.

Sourcing The Best Raw CBD

Sourcing the best raw CBD is the first step to a top tier product. Flavours, scents, and intricate product recipes can only go so far in masking subpar CBD – making sure your raw product is the best available will ensure consistent sales, a strong reputation, and keep you a cut above the competition.

Knowing your CBD is safe for sale is a must. As manufacturers that provide TPD compliance, regulatory compliance and comprehensive ISO 9001 laboratory testing, Xyfil can assure you of quality and safety. Not only that, we can also provide Certificates of Analysis (COAs).

At Xyfil, our CBD is sustainably sourced from an award-winning supplier, and is 100% organic. We offer all the above certification and compliance testing plus full batch traceability to give you and your customers extra peace of mind.

CBD Product Choices: From Sublingual Drops to Sleep Sprays

So, you’ve sourced your CBD – what next? There is a wide variety of CBD products available to manufacture, and the next step of the process will differ depending on what you’re producing. From sublingual drops, E-Liquids, to sleep sprays and hand creams, there’s a lot to consider.

CBD Drops

For sublingual drops, CBD is suspended in a carrier oil such as olive, coconut, or hempseed oil, and then deposited under the tongue for one of the fastest CBD uptakes of any product. Sublingual drops have some of the broadest market appeal, appearing accessible to newcomers of CBD and those who are looking for CBD products away from the vaping and e-liquid market. Their versatility is also vast – drops are best taken directly under the tongue but can also be mixed with food or beverages for wider use.

Sublingual drops will require a delicate mix of CBD, oils, and flavouring. Our in-house, fully certified production teams can support research across flavour development, production, and compliance to help you create the perfect blend. We offer the highest concentrates of CBD in the market, 5% CBD (750mg) and 10% CBD (1500mg), for our formulas and white label products.

CBD Creams

Hand or body creams are a great option for topical CBD uptake and open themselves to a wide range of scent and formula variations. 3% CBD (300mg) or 5% CBD (500mg) formulas are available for our creams and balms, and products in this range can also lend themselves neatly towards sleep sprays or evening supplement gummies as upselling opportunities.

CBD E-Liquids

E-Liquids offer a superior absorption of CBD than other products due to the vapour being absorbed directly in the lungs, meaning this absorbs quicker than some other CBD products. We offer TPD compliant E-Liquids that tend to use the standard CBD isolate but we can also offer full-spectrum CBD oil. Our production method allows us to make products with up to 2000mg strength without the need for any additional solvents. At Xyfil we also offer the added benefit of terpenes which helps modulate the impact of CBD as well as the taste profile. There are still many other options available for CBD products; if you’ve got the idea we can make it happen.

Take The Next Step in CBD Manufacturing with Xyfil

We hope our introduction to CBD manufacturing has got you thinking about your next steps in product development. There’s a huge range of products available within the industry to expand your range! Finding the right team to help hone your ideas can be a great route to ensure your next project stays on track – get in touch today to see how we can help.