Understanding the FSA’s Recent CBD Dosage Update

The CBD industry in the UK has experienced significant growth over the years, becoming one of the fastest-growing wellness sectors in the country. From being relatively unknown a few years ago, CBD has found its way into a myriad of products, from oils and capsules to skincare and beverages. This remarkable leap is fuelled by a shift in societal attitudes towards cannabis and the growing recognition of its potential health benefits.

However, along with this rapid expansion, comes the need for regulation and guidance to ensure the safety and wellbeing of consumers. That’s where the Food Standards Agency (FSA) steps in, providing necessary oversight and recently updating their CBD dosage recommendations. Let’s delve into these new guidelines and what they mean for CBD manufacturers and brand owners.

Updated FSA Recommendation for CBD Dosage

For those of you who are a part of the thriving CBD industry, you might have noticed a significant alteration in the FSA’s stance on CBD dosage. Until recently, the daily recommended intake of CBD was suggested at 70mg. However, the FSA has now revised this figure downwards to a mere 10mg.

This has been decided based on previous research that had suggested a potential for unwanted side effects when using CBD heavily over a prolonged period of time. While the FSA still firmly believe that CBD is safe for consumption by consumers, they believe that some changes are necessary.

This substantial reduction could initially lead to a bit of concern, especially for CBD manufacturers and those involved in CBD manufacturing. However, it’s important to bear in mind that this isn’t a hard and fast rule, instead, it’s been put forth as an advisory recommendation.

Should Brand Owners Be Worried?

At first glance, the drastic reduction in the recommended dosage might seem concerning for brand owners where many products on the market currently exceed the new 10mg advice. However, it’s crucial to emphasise that this change is only advisory. The FSA has no immediate plans to enforce this updated recommendation. This means brands won’t face immediate regulatory action if their products don’t meet the revised guidelines.

Also, it’s worth noting that there’s no immediate necessity for amending packaging or product formulations in line with the new guidelines. So, while it’s important for brand owners to acknowledge and stay informed about these changes, there’s no cause for panic or immediate drastic action.

Why the Change Could Change Again

It’s vital to understand that the landscape of CBD research is constantly evolving. The new recommendation from the FSA is based on studies and information up until March 2023 when the decision was originally made. However, new findings have emerged since then, addressing many of the concerns the FSA initially had. This recent research could potentially lead to another revision of the guidelines.

Regulations in any industry are fluid and subject to change, with the CBD industry being no exception. As more research is conducted into the effects and benefits of CBD, it’s plausible that the FSA may reassess their current stance. More comprehensive data and a better understanding of CBD can bring about changes in regulations, possibly even relaxing them if it’s determined that higher dosages are safe for consumers.

This underscores the importance for CBD manufacturers and brand owners to stay abreast of any new research and regulatory updates. This is not just to ensure compliance, but also to maintain the trust and confidence of their consumers by providing safe and effective products. Remember, the aim of regulatory bodies like the FSA is to ensure consumer safety while promoting responsible growth in the industry.


As we’ve explored, the recent changes in the FSA’s recommended dosage of CBD are more of an advisory note than a stringent rule. It doesn’t spell doom for brand owners, nor does it stifle the growth prospects of the rapidly expanding CBD industry. Rather, it emphasises the importance of staying updated with the latest research and regulatory guidelines to ensure the production of safe and effective products for consumers.

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