Could CBD Vapes Become the Most Popular Way to Vape?

The vaping industry continues to boom in the UK and overseas, but is there a dark horse hiding within a different industry?

CBD too has risen in popularity over the last few years, no doubt due to the pandemic when demand spiralled higher than expected. Tying the two expanding industries together seems only natural but the potential of CBD vapes is still relatively untapped.

Part of this is likely due to not enough research and hesitation in suggesting any medical benefits until such a time as numerous pieces of evidence, support it. But research is well underway with many clinical studies ongoing with promising results on the horizon.

How popular are CBD vapes?

Although CBD oral drops and edibles remain the most popular methods of taking CBD, vaping is beginning to be recognised for its worth.

Vaping is continuing to receive positive pushes from experts who recognise that it is much less harmful than smoking. Including recent research that once again confirms vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. The only thing stopping the vaping industry from truly booming has been misinterpretations from the populace thanks to media scaremongering. There’s hope that with the continued approval of vaping in the UK, more may be interested in trying CBD vapes and for good reason.

Much research has already shown that CBD vape products offer the highest bioavailability (the amount that is actually absorbed) of any CBD product. Vaping CBD is certainly the best method for taking CBD thanks to this, its convenience and ease plus the variety of flavours and strengths available within the territory. CBD vapes, especially disposable vape pens, are incredibly beginner friendly making them a great starting point, as well as a means for taking CBD with you on the go.

What’s more, CBD vapes are beginning to be used as a smoking cessation tool. It comes after some evidence has come to light regarding CBD as an alternative to nicotine without addiction. Vaping generally is seen as quite an effective smoking cessation tool with recent studies noting most who quit smoking used vaping as their method to quit. With more research, perhaps CBD vapes could begin to compete with traditional nicotine vapes for smokers looking to quit.

What does the CBD industry look like in the UK?

In general, CBD has seen explosive growth in the UK with the market expanding 3-6 times more than previously estimated. And British CBD sales have increased 228% after the lockdowns. It shows how far CBD products have come that they are now readily available in many high street chains and supermarkets.

Currently, it is estimated that the CBD market will triple to over £1 billion by 2025.

Are CBD vapes popular outside of the UK?

The legality of CBD outside of the UK varies from country to country. Most European countries have legalised CBD, but some have not. Countries that have legalized CBD include:

  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Luxembourg
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Malta
  • Lithuania
  • Sweden
  • France

Currently, the market leaders for CBD are the US, closely followed by the UK, but globally, the market is valued at $4.9 billion in 2021 and projects to rise to $47.22 billion by 2028. What we know is that demand for CBD is high, and even more so for high quality products.

With the increase in popularity, more attention has been thrown onto the lack of regulations surrounding CBD, and so consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about CBD quality. This means for products to do well, they must be high quality, safe, in demand and at a good price point.

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