Avoiding Confusion with Nicotine-Free Disposables Legality

Zero-nicotine disposables are growing in popularity, but some stores are worried to stock them.

Disposable vapes are a perfect first step for many vapers as they offer a convenient and simple way to vape. Recently, some brands have branched out into developing 0mg nicotine disposables which provide all the flavour but without nicotine. But there have been reports of retailers being hesitant about stocking these sorts of devices.

Local shops refusing to stock nicotine-free disposables – why the confusion?

It seems there’s been some confusion with nicotine-free vaping products as some stores in the UK show hesitancy with stocking them. BetterRetailing reported that stores were refusing 3,500 puff nicotine-free devices with tank capacities above 2ml. Not all zero-nicotine disposable vapes offer such a high puff count, but many are beginning to do so.

So, why the confusion? By now, most are aware of what is TPD compliant (the UK regulations for vaping products). When it comes to disposable devices, we know that the E-Liquid capacity should be no more than 2ml which means they are usually capped at 600 puffs (650 at a push). And with recent store raids tackling illicit vapes that are not TPD compliant, it’s not hard to see why some stores are turning away these 0mg devices.

However, TPD guidelines are restrictions for nicotine-containing products, and thereby nicotine-free devices are exempt from these rules. Much like how shortfill E-Liquids are exempt from the restrictions which is why they can be larger than 10ml (the max capacity for nicotine-containing E-Liquids). Nicotine-free disposable vapes, if they contain no nicotine whatsoever, are legal in the UK at higher puff counts and capacity.

You can find more information on compliance with disposable devices in the UKVIA’s guide.

The pros and cons of zero nicotine disposables

Nicotine-free disposables are yet another part of a vaper’s quit-smoking journey. Although they won’t help with quitting tobacco at the beginning, many vapers find that over time, they lower their nicotine strength after vaping for some time.

Since nicotine is an addictive substance that many want eventually to also quit, 0mg vapes are the perfect solution for vapers at the last leg of their quitting journey. These types of devices allow vapers to enjoy their favourite flavours and vaping experience without the addictive nicotine.

Zero-nicotine devices also allow for a smoother vape due to a lesser throat hit with the absence of nicotine.

Why retailers should consider stocking 0mg devices

As we mentioned, zero nicotine vapes are perfectly legal in the UK, including those at higher puff counts and tank capacities – so long as it is confirmed they are 0mg. No nicotine disposables offer a final stepping stone for vapers to quit nicotine whilst still enjoying their favourite brand or flavours. Vapers who already vape at low nicotine strengths can opt to use these nicotine-free devices as a means of quitting nicotine.

They are also suitable for casual smokers who may not need the nicotine hit as much as heavy smokers, but still struggle to quit because of the habits created by smoking. As vaping mimics, the motions of smoking a cigarette, these sorts of devices could be of benefit to light/casual smokers to quit cigarettes.

Vape retailers who can cater to a smoker’s quitting journey from start to finish may see greater customer loyalty and retention.

White label and OEM zero-nicotine products

Here at Xyfil we produce and manufacture a variety of E-Liquids for brands that range from our award-winning Nicotine Salts to premium Freebase Nicotine, to nicotine shots and nicotine-free E-Liquids. Our quality formulas and flavours continue to win awards across the vaping industry and with our white label manufacture, you get access to our existing, premium combinations. And even better, you can request these as 0mg to create shortfills or your own zero-nicotine disposable devices.

Or speak with us about our OEM opportunities for creating a bespoke range of no-nicotine disposables. With full flexibility throughout the entire process, we can help you go from idea to shop floor. Contact us today to start on your next range.