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Protecting Brand Equity – White Label Manufacture

Protecting your brand and recipe is of the utmost importance to us which is why we employ strict procedures to ensure your brand equity remains protected. We wish to instil the utmost confidence in our customers when handling their brands, to make sure that products are not only safe and high-quality but also secure.

How do we protect brand equity?

In an industry ruled by flavours, trying to create new and unique flavour E-Liquids and vape devices, or creating higher quality flavours, is key. The last thing you want after all your hard work of establishing your brand’s flavours is to lose them. To ensure that brands’ flavours remain protected we established a series of procedures.

When our lab receives the flavour profile for your E-Liquids, they gather the necessary ingredients to make the batch of vape juice. However, each flavour ingredient is given a codename. When is orange not orange? When you are protecting a brand’s equity! To ensure that recipes remain confidential, those that process and produce the E-Liquids only ever see the codename version of flavour ingredients. This allows us to have fewer eyes on the actual recipe.

Once the flavour has been developed, you can then sample the flavours with our Flavour Specialist. Tweak and update the flavours and strengths depending on what you want to achieve or get ready to bulk produce it – we’re with you every step of the way.

Protecting your brand name

Ensuring brand equity doesn’t just stop at your flavour recipes. Making sure that your brand name continues to promote consistent quality is another one of our priorities. Mistakes can not only be costly in raw materials but in name. That’s why we employ a huge range of quality control procedures at every step of the process. Thanks to our training solidified by our GMP and ISO certification, we can produce high-quality products in safe environments to ensure the safety of your products.

Throughout the flavour creation process, your E-liquids go through a series of quality checks before mixing, before lab testing and after batch testing. Every step of the way there are quality checks to ensure zero errors. Up until the products leave our door, we can offer full batch-tracing at every step so that if errors do occur, we are able to quickly and efficiently go back to the source and correct it.

Our production warehouse is fully equipped to allow us to fulfil your bottling, filling and labelling requirements, as well as flavour development and E-Liquid manufacture. As one of the leading UK E-Liquid manufacturers, we are also able to ensure that compliance, quality, and safety is achieved for every product we produce.

If you would like to talk to us about manufacturing your latest product or kickstarting your own brand, contact us now.

E-Liquid Brand Case Study: Jammin

What is Jammin?

A perfectly classic approach to timeless British flavours. This range of shortfills focuses on delicious jam and jam-based dessert flavours. Jammin boasts sweet vape E-Liquids that will satisfy even the most intense sweet tooth cravings. Brought to you by Jammin Vape Co, there’s a variety of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry flavours plus a classic Victoria Sponge cake flavour.

As a brand, Jammin is inspired by afternoon tea delights, a theme that extends to their delightful packaging. Jammin combines vintage aspects with vibrant colours that are eye-catching and tasty.

Flavours from Jammin include: Strawberry Jam Sorbet, Blueberry Jam Tart (award-winning), Strawberry Jam, Blueberry Jam, Victoria Sponge, Blueberry Jam Custard, and Raspberry Clotted Cream Scone.

View all the Jammin range on My Vapery.

Who manufactures Jammin?

We are proud to be the manufacturers for this eclectic range of shortfills. Xyfil is primarily an E-liquid manufacturer dedicated to producing premium E-Juice flavour concentrates for our external and in-house brands. As one of the leading vape E-liquid manufacturers in the UK, we manufacture for hundreds of global brands including Jammin. As our brands and external partners evolve and expand their ranges, so do we. We continue to deliver new flavours and new experiences tailored to the respective brands.

Our creative studio helped create the inspired artwork and brand logo for Jammin, taking inspiration from the afternoon tea roots of its flavours. Xyfil’s experienced team of creative personnel develop logos, packaging, artwork, POS and marketing materials that effectively capture and communicate your brand vision.

Flavour Creation and Innovation

At Xyfil we offer a variety of ready-made flavours including core flavours such as fruits, menthols, and tobacco. These popular flavours are perfect for those looking to not over-complicate their E-Liquid’s flavour profile.

Our complex range of white label flavours can contain up to 14 different concentrates per flavour. This allows us to supply you with a more complex and sophisticated taste profile.

Many of our complex flavours have won awards, much like our Jammin Blueberry Jam Tart, and are highly appreciated by experienced vapers and vape connoisseurs. If you’d like to learn more about creating a complex flavour range of E-Liquids, contact us for more information.

Our dedicated flavour experts and mixologists are constantly looking out for unique and exciting flavour profiles. By mixing fruits, desserts, tobaccos, candy and many more flavours, we aim to bring fresh new takes to popular flavours whilst creating never-seen-before combinations.

What can Xyfil do for you?

As one of the leading UK E-Liquid, CBD and personal care product manufacturers, we support brands worldwide as they develop. We provide end-to-end white label manufacturing services, helping you develop your brand at every stage from flavour development to the design and production of your liquids. We offer TPD E-liquid compliance, regulatory compliance and E-Liquid analysis so that you can have confidence in the quality and safety of your products.

Whether you are looking to create the next big shortfill range or use our award-winning Nicotine Salts to take your brand to the next level, we can help.

Contact us now to see how we can help you take the vape market by storm.