How Long Does It Take? Registering Vape Products in the UAE

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As a result, the Ministry of Industrial and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) implemented strict regulations to ensure quality control of all vaping products sold in UAE, formerly regulated by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA).

In this article, you will learn about ESMA’s guidelines on registering vape products. We will also briefly cover how they differ from the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) guidelines in Europe. Additionally, we will discuss how we can help as an E-Liquid manufacturer, ensure your products are compliant with ESMA’s standards and successfully register them for sale in the UAE.

UAE guidelines for vape products

The UAE guidelines for vaping products are more stringent than the regulations set forth in TPD. For instance, to ensure the safety and quality control of e-liquids and devices, all products must be registered with the MoIAT prior to being sold in UAE. This includes any new product launches or reformulations of existing products. Guidelines include:

  • maximum nicotine concentration is capped at 20mg/ml
  • maximum tank capacity is no more than 10ml
  • maximum capacity of refill packages is no more than 50ml
  • must display all health warnings in Arabic and English stating: “Contains nicotine which causes severe addiction, increased heart rate and high blood pressure. Nicotine is harmful to the health of pregnant and nursing women, and people suffering from chronic pulmonary diseases such as asthma and pulmonary embolism.” This must cover at least 50% of the main display area. English to appear on the lower front, Arabic on the lower back.
  • must also display a health warning in Arabic and English: “This product may pose a health hazard when inhaled, swallowed or gets in contact with the skin.” 
  • must not contain a variety of harmful ingredients & additives including cinnamic compounds

The process of registering products for sale in UAE

For e-liquids, the registration process typically takes 6-8 weeks to complete, while devices take 10-12 weeks. During this time, manufacturers will be asked to provide detailed information and documents such as:

  • Product label and artwork
  • Product information sheet
  • Ingredients list
  • Test reports/certificates of analysis
  • Compliance statement

In addition, products will be tested to ensure they meet all necessary safety requirements and guidelines. Once you have received the MoIAT/ESMA certification for your products, you can begin selling your vaping products in the UAE. All MoIAT/ESMA products are subject to a 100% excise duty/tax.

It is important to register your vaping products with the MoIAT/ESMA before selling them in UAE, as failure to do so can result in severe penalties and fines. Furthermore, registering your products will help you to ensure that they meet the necessary safety criteria and standards set forth by the MoIAT/ESMA, thus ensuring that your customers are provided with the highest quality products.

How Xyfil can help with compliance and registration

Xyfil simplifies the ESMA product registration process by offering comprehensive services to help manufacturers comply with all regulations and register their products for sale in the UAE. Our team of experts is well-versed in both UAE and EU regulations for those looking to transition or register new products in the Middle East. We provide assistance every step of the way to get your E-Liquids onto the UAE market.