New Zealand’s Revamped Vaping Regulations: What to Know

The world of vaping is dynamic and ever-evolving. Over the past decade, it has grown from a niche habit into a global industry worth billions. As its popularity has surged, so too has the attention of regulators. Across the globe, countries are grappling with how best to regulate this new industry. The balance is a tricky one – ensuring the safety of users and those around them, while also recognizing the role vaping can play in helping people quit smoking.

In Aotearoa New Zealand, the government has recently unveiled a thorough update to its vaping regulations. These regulations, set to roll out by October 2023, reflect the country’s commitment to reducing smoking rates and achieving a smokefree goal by 2025, all while navigating the challenges of a rapidly changing industry.

New Zealand’s Newest Regulations for Vaping

Soon, the landscape of vaping in New Zealand will undergo significant changes. The recently announced updates to the vaping regulations indicate a balanced approach from the government. They are focused on making vaping safer and more controlled, particularly in relation to underage vaping while continuing to appreciate the potential benefits of vaping for those trying to quit traditional smoking.

These new regulations stipulate that future specialist vape retailers should be situated at least 300 meters away from schools, vaping products should be labelled with generic flavour descriptions, and there are now stricter limits on the allowed nicotine strength in disposable vaping products. Moreover, vaping devices will now be required to have removable batteries and child-safe mechanisms.

The Roadmap for Changes

As New Zealand embarks on an ambitious journey to reshape its vaping landscape, a detailed roadmap has been laid out to ensure a smooth transition. The first part of this transformative journey is the new ruling that all future specialist vape stores must be located at least 300 meters away from schools. This strategic move, set to commence in September, has been designed to protect the younger population from undue exposure to vaping, aligning with the overarching goal of mitigating underage vaping.

The implementation process is expected to be gradual, allowing businesses ample time to adjust to the new norms. For a full roadmap of the changes, you can find them on the government website. But by December 2023, retailers must only sell single-use vaping products that meet Product Safety Requirements (including nicotine limits, removable batteries, child safety mechanisms, and labelling requirements).

How Xyfil Can Help

At Xyfil, we’re not just about producing vape products, we’re an end-to-end vape manufacturer dedicated to helping our clients navigate the evolving landscape of vaping regulations. With the upcoming changes, it’s essential for brands to adapt their product offerings, including labels and packaging, to ensure compliance with New Zealand’s new rules.

Our in-house creative studio is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to help brands make these adjustments smoothly. Through proactive collaboration, our team can work with you to redesign your product labels and packaging, adhering to the new generic flavour description requirement and other regulatory guidelines. With Xyfil by your side, navigating the future of vaping in New Zealand becomes a manageable task, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality vaping products to your customers.