The Latest Updates from Xyfil E-Liquid Manufacturer

At Xyfil, we understand the importance of producing a safe and high-quality product. Our commitment to excellence in e-liquid and CBD manufacturing is demonstrated in our continuous efforts to stay on top of the latest updates and trends. Our team of experts regularly research the industry, staying up to date on the latest regulations and certifications, and innovating our processes for efficiency and effectiveness.

Here are some of the recent updates at Xyfil.

Polish Customs stamps integrated into production lines

Our production lines have received further improvements with the ability to provide customs stamping for Polish specification products. This feature is an integral part of the manufacturing process, allowing for compliance with Polish regulations. Our custom stamping system also allows us to track which products were sent to which destinations, providing added security and assurance.

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Xyfil establishes a glueing line to meet the demand for glued boxes in Germany

The vape market in Germany is rapidly expanding, and manufacturers must be aware of the specific regulations regarding packaging to ensure compliance when selling products. This article provides an overview of the key requirements and considerations that vape product manufacturers should be aware of when packaging their products for sale in Germany.

Closed-Bottom Box Design Requirements

When preparing box packaging for vape products to sell in Germany, manufacturers must ensure that the box design has a glued, closed bottom. This requirement is due to the need for customs excise stickers to be placed on the top lids. The usual standard of boxes is therefore not suitable as the bottoms can be opened easily to access products without breaking the security sticker.

Therefore, box bottom flaps must be sealed with box glueing machines or by manual process. Box glueing machines are a more efficient and practical solution for sealing box bottoms as they enable manufacturers to quickly produce large batches of boxes in a short time. At Xyfil, we have invested in establishing our own glueing lines within the production phase, to ensure timely and effective products for German specifications.

Digital enhancements through manufacturing at Xyfil

We are proud to announce that we have established more digital enhancements throughout the company to aid in the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes. These include automated inventory scanning, pick lists and improvement to our end-to-end traceability. Our continued commitment to innovation and technological development ensures that we can provide our customers with the highest quality products. Our commitment to this was highlighted by our recent GMP audit which we passed without room for improvement.

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