Good Manufacturing Practices for E-Liquid Manufacturers

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is an important set of standards that all manufacturers must adhere to in order to ensure the safety and quality of their products. These standards are a way to ensure that only safe, high-quality products are produced and distributed in the market.

At Xyfil, we take great pride in our GMP certification, which is an indication of our commitment to product safety and quality. And this year we successfully completed our GMP audit with 0 non-conformities or opportunities to improve; a clear testament to our dedication to creating high-quality products for our customers. Our facilities, health & safety processes and manufacturing processes have been audited & certified as following international quality standards and guidelines.

To obtain this certification, we had to pass a rigorous audit process that covers all aspects of our production and manufacturing processes. These include limiting cross-contamination, high standard safety procedures, our hygiene policy & procedures, quality controls in place for our suppliers and the materials, containers etc we source with strict due diligence. GMP audits also check that as a manufacturer, we comply with regulatory requirements.

In terms of our facility, our documentation, personnel & equipment is of good quality and abide by legal and safety standards. The audit also covers ensuring our staff are adequately safe and trained, or that training is in place.

All of this to make certain that the products we produce are of the highest quality available.

The differences between GMP and ISO certification

GMP certification is a step beyond ISO certification. While both are important for product safety and quality assurance, there are some key differences between them.

ISO certification tests for quality processes to ensure that the raw materials & products meet certain standards of quality. On the other hand, GMP audits focus on the facility itself and its ability to create robust and high-quality products. It assesses the hygiene, controls in place for suppliers, staff training standards, documentation and equipment standards and more.

In simple terms, GMP audit is all about safety & quality as a facility while ISO certification is mainly focused on creating robust quality measures for materials, and goods in and off the line. While ISO is necessary for E-Liquid manufacturers, GMP certification is the only way to guarantee that products are safe and of high quality. GMP ensures a robust quality product is created in a robust facility.

Why it’s important to have GMP certification

As mentioned before, GMP certification is not a requirement for E-Liquid manufacturers however we believe it should be. Having GMP certification shows customers and potential customers that you are serious about safety and quality, which is of paramount importance. Most E-Liquid manufacturers only get ISO certified but Xyfil is one of the very few who have gone the extra mile to be GMP certified also. The process is entirely voluntary but helps to show our dedication towards the quality of our processes and products.

Despite this, we believe it’s important to be GMP certified as it helps to minimise any risk towards consumers. And therefore, minimise any risk of poor quality for the brands we manufacture & produce for.

At Xyfil, going the extra mile to obtain GMP certification is part of our commitment to our customers in providing them with safe and reliable, robust products. We are proud of our achievements in successfully completing this audit process. Our customers can rest assured that their products are in safe hands when they choose Xyfil.

Work with us and see for yourself the results of our certification – contact us or book a meeting today.