Countries Around the Globe with Vape Flavour Bans

Regulations around vaping change often across the globe, with countries making changes each year, whether for better or worse. It’s important for manufacturers, retailers and brands to be aware of the latest regulatory changes to ensure vaping products remain relevant and compliant.

One such regulatory change that seems to be occurring more frequently, is the ban on flavoured vapes. Many governments have elected to ban flavoured vapes in the hopes of dissuading those who are underage, from vaping. Although research has suggested that flavours play a crucial role for vapers on their quit-smoking journey, there are many countries that have implemented this ban or are planning to do so.

China bans flavoured vapes but not for exports

As of October, the country has become yet another to ban flavoured vapes with plans to only sell tobacco-flavoured vapes. Interestingly though, China has not banned the export of flavoured vapes, only the use within its own country. This began the recent overhaul of vaping regulations in China which include a consumption tax.

China’s ban on flavours stems from the same concern shared by others on the health risks for young people who take up vaping. However, research has noted that flavours other than tobacco, play a part in helping users quit smoking. Perhaps alternatives to flavour bans need to be looked at to help minimise the potential losses of helping smokers quit with vapes.

Other countries that have banned flavoured vapes

Although vaping is legal in these countries, they too have implemented flavour bans on vaping products, limiting them to tobacco with or without the inclusion of mint & menthol. If you are interested in taking your brand to any of the below countries, you will need to tailor your products to the current limitations.


  • Nova Scotia – tobacco only
  • Ontario – tobacco, mint & menthol (vape stores are allowed stock flavours)
  • Prince Edward Island – tobacco only
  • Quebec (potential) – unconfirmed
  • Saskatchewan – tobacco, mint & menthol


  • Colorado (allowed in vape shops & tobacconists, not traditional retail outlets)
  • Connecticut (pending) – unconfirmed
  • Chicago – tobacco only
  • Maine (pending) – unconfirmed
  • Maryland (pending) – unconfirmed
  • Massachusetts – tobacco only
  • Minnesota (only cities Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth) – tobacco only
  • Kansas City (pending) – unconfirmed
  • Missoula – tobacco only
  • New Jersey – tobacco only
  • New Mexico (pending) – unconfirmed
  • New York (except for those permitted by the FDA) – tobacco only unless FDA approved
  • Rhode Island – tobacco only
  • Utah (potential) – unconfirmed
  • Vermont (pending) – unconfirmed


  • Lithuania – tobacco only
  • Latvia – tobacco only
  • Finland – tobacco only
  • Estonia – tobacco only
  • Hungary – tobacco only
  • Denmark – tobacco and menthol
  • Netherlands – tobacco only


  • Ukraine – tobacco only
  • China – tobacco only
  • New Zealand (partial flavour ban, only speciality vape shops can sell flavours) – tobacco, mint & menthol unless sold by speciality vape shops.

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