Changes to Certification & Fees for Vape Products in the UAE

The vaping industry in the UAE is continuing to grow with a projected revenue of US$59.38 million in 2023 – that’s almost double from 2019 when vapes first became able to be legally sold in the UAE. The market is also expected to grow by 9.41% from 2023 to 2027.

Recently in the UAE, the MoIAT (previously vape products were regulated by ESMA) registration fee has changed, no doubt due to the surge in the vaping market.

Changes to UAE registration fee

To legally sell vaping products in the UAE, E-Liquids and devices must be registered for approval with the MoIAT (Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology). Typically, this is a service that can be provided via agencies, but Xyfil also offers compliance services, whether you’ve manufactured with us or not.

Registering your product for sale in the UAE requires two separate fees:

1) Certificate issuing fee: (It must be paid to the MoIAT). These fees have been reduced from AED 5000 to AED 670 per application.

2) Document review fee: (It must be paid to the notified body). There has been no change on this and it is still AED 800 per application.

For a full breakdown regarding products, see below.

RoHSAED 1,000AED 1,000

There have also been some changes with the registration process. Originally, a single application could include different variations of flavours; so, if you had an E-Liquid flavour in several strengths, you could register them all under one application. This has since been changed and a separate application must be submitted for each sku that has a barcode. Should you wish to register a multipack of the same flavour and nicotine strength, along with the single pack variation, this will require two separate applications.

How Xyfil can help you with registering compliant products in the UAE

“Our in-house team of compliance experts are able to perform the necessary toxicology tests and full reports required by MoIAT. More critically, we are able to gather all necessary data into the format required by the MoIAT. With popular brands we manufacture like Pod Salt fast becoming one of the most popular brands in the UAE, we’re here to help bring even more premium brands to the Middle East.”

-Pradip, Compliance, Xyfil.

Since the changes in 2019 that allowed for the selling of E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids in the UAE, we have been successfully manufacturing and selling compliant products in the Middle East. With a valid UAE Industry/Trade License, we are licensed to manufacture products for UAE within the UK. This helps to ensure that our products benefit from the superior British standard for manufacturing E-Liquids.

As a Toll Manufacturer with ISO 9001 and GMP certification, we are skilled with over 10 years of experience in manufacturing, production, R&D, logistics, compliance and more. Whether you are looking to take an existing product and turn it into one for sale within the UAE, or looking to manufacture a whole new product range we at Xyfil can help you through any and all stages of compliance.

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