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Latest Updates on Vaping Trends in the UK

ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) have recently released its newest update on adult vaping in the UK. These annual reports help to shed some light on the trends we can see in the vaping industry and could potentially help companies meet future customer demands.

Use, awareness, and attitudes to E-cigarettes

One of the keynotes from the update shows that there are now 4.3 million people who vape in the UK. That’s an increase from 3.3 million in 2020. Most current vapers are ex-smokers (57%) with the proportion peaking in 2021 (64%), potentially due to the pandemic which reinforced health concerns.

Only 8.1% of vapers had never smoked before. It also seems that the proportion of adult smokers who have never tried E-Cigarettes is continuing to decline. The good news continues as the proportion of smokers who are current vapers has increased since 2021 from 17% to 22%.

The main reason given by ex-smokers for vaping has continued to remain the same as in previous years, with 29% using vaping as a means to help quit. After that, the most common reasons are to prevent relapse, because they enjoy the experience and to save money. Similarly, smokers predominantly said they vaped to help cut down on smoking, save money, help quit and to prevent relapse.

Worryingly, there is still a trend of smokers believing that vaping is equally or more harmful than smoking, showing clear signs that the industry and experts need to continue to push vaping advocacy. A third of smokers still incorrectly believe this notion.

What are the most common vaping products used

As in previous years, refillable E-Cigarette devices remain the most common amongst current vapers, with 65% using these as their main device. This includes vapes with replaceable pods (17%) and disposable vapes (15%).

Unsurprisingly, disposable vapes have risen in popularity, particularly amongst 18–24-year-olds. Around 48% of current vapers use disposables as their main type of device in 2022, a whopping increase from 2.8% in 2021.

Our thoughts for the future of vaping

While disposable devices have undoubtedly become one of the most popular devices this year, it is likely that this will shift in the coming year. With talks of sustainability and cracking down on underage vapers, disposable devices may very well begin to wane in popularity, or at least in suitability.

With the ongoing cost of living crisis in the UK, disposable vapes quickly become an expensive means of vaping compared to traditional refillable tanks or pod kits, so we could see a shift in this direction. Especially as more pressures are put on companies to ensure environmentally sustainable methods are met. Even now, some prominent disposable vape brands have started turning to pod kits in response to more environmentally friendly vapes.

As the Smokefree 2030 deadline grows closer the government may step up on vaping advocacy as well as continue to crack down on illicit and illegal vapes. We hope that the UK continues to recognise the importance of vaping as a means of smoking cessation.

Top Vaping Stats for 2021 – World Statistics Day

The world of vaping has certainly grown over the years since its inception. From a manufacturer’s standpoint, keeping in the know with the latest trends and market changes is a must. Let’s take a look at these seven statistics on vaping in the UK for World Statistics Day. Statistics offer an intriguing insight into a topic that may give you an idea of where to take your brand next.

1. “The number of vapers globally has increased rapidly from 7 million in 2011, to 41 million in 2018”

It’s estimated by a market research group, that the number of adults who vape will reach almost 55 million by 2021. The demand for vaping has certainly grown and is a mainstay in the market; now’s as good a time as ever to join the vape industry.

2. “The UK is the second-largest market in the world for vape products worth £2.3bn in 2020”

An impressive feat only beaten by the USA, it’s nothing to be sniffed at as those numbers continue to rise.

3. “Global vape market valued at $15bn in 2020 compared to $3bn in 2016”

And this is expected to grow by 28% from 2021 to 2028 as vaping continues to grow popular with smokers. Don’t hesitate if you’re thinking of joining the vape market, now is a great time to get involved and establish your brand.

4. “77% of UK vapers used tanks rather than cartridge/pod devices”

Most UK vapers seem to prefer using refillable tank devices, with only 18% reported using pod systems. Now this has been quite a common theme over the years since the inception of vaping, disposables only becoming recently popular due to a boom, however with our next statistic it seems like the tide could be turning once again.

5. “Open system e-cigarettes are most popular with a market worth of over £10m”

Despite this, closed system kits seem to be catching up slowly but surely, with it estimated that this year there will be an increased spend in closed system kits. It seems more and more likely that there may be an increase in pod systems preference.

6. “In 2021, nearly two-thirds (65%) of those currently vaping nicotine-containing products were using E-Liquids between 1-12mg/ml”

Of these also there were 27% who used 13-20mg/ml strength E-Liquids. This is certainly interesting as it could be suggested many vapers may be moving to using less nicotine. Keep this in mind when deciding on your next E-Liquid, perhaps shortfills will be the way forward, offering vapers more control with their nicotine strength.

7. “In 2021, 95% of smokers and 93% of general population had heard of e-cigarettes”

Vaping has certainly come leaps and bounds in popularity over the last few years. And with more people aware of vaping, the more potential vapers there are out there.

It’s never been a better time to join the vaping market than now. As the market continues to grow, we at Xyfil will be here to help you whether you’re looking to expand your brand with new products or begin your journey into the vaping industry. We hope that some of these facts may have been of interest. Keep in the know with our Info Hub and contact us for more information on how we can help kick-start your business.