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Choosing Xyfil to Manufacture Your E-Liquids

A crucial part of the business is ensuring that there are processes in place that help avoid unexpected problems causing delays in production. And if the Covid pandemic taught us one thing, there are many industries and manufacturers who do not have these in place. Ensuring your manufacturer can navigate unexpected problems and provide what you need is essential, even more so in the current climate.

Identifying issues in your manufacturing line

Speak with your shop floor workers, supervisors, and those who deal with your products daily and see where there are any shortfalls. It could be a poor ingredient, problems with packaging, delays with your product manufacture – any issue that is impacting your production could potentially be a cash drain.

Or it could be that you manufacture for yourself and are looking to expand but notice your limitations. Buying new equipment, hiring new workers, increasing warehouse space etc; all of which quickly start to add up cost-wise.

Providing services you need when you need it

Working with a good manufacturer helps to take the stress out of otherwise tedious aspects of E-Liquid manufacture. This gives you more time to focus on other areas like networking and getting your products to the store.

Here at Xyfil, we offer a completely bespoke service aimed at helping you no matter what stage your products are currently at. If you’re conscious of producing your E-Liquids, we are able to work with any liquid you provide to bottle, test and package. We have helped many brands with our bespoke bottling services, with complete attention to the safety and quality of their products and intellectual property.

If your problems lie within the production of your E-Liquids, you can make the most out of our quality ingredients and award-winning flavours. We offer white label E-Liquid manufacture and OEM E-Liquid manufacture to suit your needs. Make the most of our premium Nicotine Salt formula that continues to set the bar in quality and performance.

Perhaps you’ve already produced your products but lack the means to package, test and ensure compliance? Xyfil offers the abilities of our in-house compliance team to ensure your products meet the regulations for the market you are looking to target. And combined with our creative studio we can create/edit packaging to regulatory needs including translation - we can help you hit any market in the UK, EU, US or the Middle East.

Why you can trust Xyfil

It’s no secret that the pandemic hit manufacturing hard. Problems with countries closing borders created issues with supply chains that wreaked havoc on manufacturing output. Many companies saw decreases in the products they could create due to a lack of resources. Xyfil was not one of them. Due to the many procedures put in place to deal with unthinkable problems, we had already implemented alternative supply lines. Many ingredients are outsourced from other countries, but during this time, resources pulled from within the UK became vital. Because of our numerous risk management strategies, we never lost a day of production during the lockdowns.

When it comes to protecting your IPs, we continue to provide excellent care by ensuring the confidentiality of your flavours/recipe. We always like to go the extra mile and ensuring your intellectual property is protected, is no different. During the lab processes and producing your E-Liquids, we provide codenames for ingredients that thereby limit the number of people who know the exact formula.

Learn about how we’ve worked closely with many top-quality brands in our case study articles.

E-Liquid Brand Case Study: Dripp

What is Dripp?

Dripp offers a range of shortfill E-Liquids in a variety of flavours. These nicotine-free E-Liquids are perfect for Sub Ohm vaping due to their 70VG/30PG consistency. As a brand, Dripp love to create summer-infused vapes that are refreshing and full of flavour. Something that’s evident in their fruit flavour combos and brightly coloured packaging.

At this time, Dripp offers an original range of fruity flavours and ice versions that pack a chilly punch. These refreshing shortfills are dripping with flavour and are perfect for vaping as they are, or by adding your own nicotine shots.

Dripp is known for their fun combo flavours you might not find anywhere else such as Lemon Berry Ice, Blue Raz, Pnkman and Hznbrg.

Dripp is available to buy via My Vapery.

The benefit of shortfills

Shortfills were the industry’s answer to TPD regulations restricting nicotine-containing E-Liquids to only 10ml. For many vapers, especially those who vape regularly, a bottle of 10ml doesn’t last long. Vapers regularly had to carry many bottles at one time to be able to top up their tanks.

The creation of shortfills aimed to solve this problem. These nicotine-free E-Liquids are available in several sizes, usually 50ml and 100ml, but they are packaged in bottles that are slightly oversized. By allowing space in the bottles, it allows for nicotine shots to be added thereby creating a much larger amount of E-Liquid that is both cost-effective and easier for vapers. Shortfills also allow for the creation of even more complex flavours and variations within the VG/PG ratio.

Shortfills also lend themselves to smokers looking to control their nicotine intake. By being able to add your own nicotine, vapers can limit the amount of nicotine they vape. This makes this type of product perfect for those looking to quit nicotine or enjoy Sub Ohm vaping and don’t want to accidentally inhale too much nicotine.

Who manufactures Dripp?

Xyfil is primarily an E-liquid manufacturer and E-Liquid supplier dedicated to producing premium E-Juice flavour concentrates for our external and in-house brands. As one of the leading vape E-liquid manufacturers in Europe, we manufacture for hundreds of global brands including Dripp. As our brands and external partners evolve and expand their ranges, we continue to deliver new flavours and new experiences tailored to the respective brands.

What Xyfil can do for you

As one of the leading UK E-Liquid, CBD and personal care manufacturers, we support brands worldwide as they develop. We provide end-to-end white label manufacturing services, helping you develop your brand at every stage from flavour development to the design and production of your liquids. We offer TPD E-liquid compliance, regulatory compliance and E-Liquid analysis so that you can have confidence in the quality and safety of your products.

Whether you are looking to create the next big shortfill range or use our award-winning Nicotine Salts to take your brand to the next level, we can help.

Contact us now to see how we can help you take the vape market by storm.