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Based in Preston, Xyfil design, develop and manufacture a wide range of e-liquid and CBD based products.

Our creative R&D team are always on the hunt for innovative methods for developing new  products. We provide end to end white label manufacturing solutions, from branding and design to production. We also have experience in working with a multitude of co-packaging solutions.

In addition, we also offer regulatory compliance and product analysis, so that you can have confidence in the quality and safety of our products.

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We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you that CBD is big business and is poised to grow exponentially over the coming years. This growth is sure to encounter challenges, both legally and operationally, which is why it’s important to choose business partners who understand the obstacles on the horizon, and can help navigate you through them.

Our laboratory facilities, equipment and manufacturing processes are ISO 9001 accredited with certified management systems. We have full batch traceability from raw materials through to the date we deliver your products.

We are equipped to produce 3.5 million bottles per month using pharmaceutical graded pumping and high-quality manufacturing equipment.

Confidentiality is paramount to your brand. Therefore, we have developed infrastructure, systems and processes to ensure we are watertight in our protection of intellectual property.
Alongside legal measures such as compiling NDAs, we also take extra steps to protect your recipe. Our confidentiality procedures include adoption data masking measures such as advanced encryption and pseudonym systems.

What do we manufacture ?

Sub-Lingual Drops

Being the cornerstone of our manufacturing operations since inception, as you might imagine, our CBD e-liquid products are among the very best you will find in the market. Our CBD E-liquids continue to surprise end users with their effectiveness as well as their superior taste. In general, e-liquid products tend to use standard isolate, but we can also offer e-liquids made from winterized full-spectrum oil. We never use water- miscible versions of CBD to make our e-liquids either.

Our manufacturing method allows us to make products at up to 2000mg strength, without the need for using additional solvents. We also offer e-liquids with or without the added benefit of terpenes, which help to modulate the impact of the CBD, as well as the taste profile.

For white label customers, we have a range of flavours available off the shelf, just waiting for your brand. For larger customers, we can offer a full turn key solution, including an entirely bespoke product development service to configure your products exactly how you desire.

Sub-Lingual DropsSub-lingual drops are the backbone of many a CBD range. Their primary benefits are high bioavailability vs oral route products*, and the fact that unlike vaping products, everyone will feel comfortable and confident in using them. With a tincture held under the tongue for 3 minutes, the bioavailability is around 45%.

Sub-lingual drops can be as simple or as complicated as you like. It could be as simple as dissolving isolate in MCT oil and bottling it, or you could use full-spectrum oil, modulate the cannabinoid profile, modulate the terpene profile, add additional flavourings to make it more palatable and then block the bitter, earthy taste that’s ever present in the back note. The cost of our sub-lingual drops therefore depends on a sliding scale rather than a fixed price, but as you can gather from the above, we go to far greater lengths to develop your products than many of our competitors.

*oral route products are equal in bioavailability to sub-lingual drops, so long as water-miscible CBD is used in the capsules.

CapsulesWe have developed some incredible and award wining in-house skin cream formulations, far superior to many of the generic formulations from even the largest CBD brands. The highlight is our micellar formulation, which is entirely non-greasy and rapidly absorbed. Alongside this ‘gold standard’ formulation, we also offer lower cost formulations which are entirely in-line with market norms.

Whether you’re after body butters, creams, gels or balms, you can specify the active ingredients you wish to offer, including vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs (such as arnica), terpenes and essential oils. The benefit of working directly with the manufacturer is the ability to be directly involved in the development process, with an end-product built entirely to your specification.

Capsules appear to be the least understood of all the common product formats, by both businesses and public. People don’t seem to appreciate the difficulty of creating oral-route products which are effective. Taken orally, only around 15% of the CBD ingested actually passes through the blood barrier. The rest is broken down by stomach acids and enzymes.

There is also a new trend of using full-spectrum oil, as opposed to isolates, to create soft gels. While this seems an interesting idea in principle, it creates yet more complications. It has been shown in the lab that all it takes to convert CBD to THC is the presence of acid. Via an oral route, with acids and enzymes interacting with the whole spectrum of base chemical structures, the effects felt from oral consumption could be wildly different to the impact felt via other routes.

Our capsules have been engineered to maximise bioavailability, making them much more effective than many on the market. We also offer the opportunity to augment our capsules with other therapeutic ingredients; please make an enquiry for more details.

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Why work with Xyfil ?

Manufactured in house


Xyfil manufacture’s everything inhouse in order to retain full control of the manufacturing, supply chain and quality control process.


A great deal of time and expertise has been devoted to fully understanding each and every aspect of our product and raw materials, from bioavailability, via different consumption methods, to optimal growth climates and soil profiles for farming, to extraction and distillation methods, including fractional distillation.
Responsibly Sourced


Our raw materials are sourced directly from the most reputable and cleanest of sources, to ensure we provide superior quality products at competitive pricing. Our screening process ensures that all of the raw materials we use are safe and contaminant free.


Xyfil are proudly ISO 9001 accredited. All of our manufacturing processes and paper trails are verified and audited bi-annually. We have full batch traceability built into our systems and can quickly respond to any potential issues.
Design Marketing


Our design team has been responsible for creating some of the largest multinational vape brands. They understand the industry and the clients needs, which has resulted in international success and recognition for many of our brands.

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