Xyfil Ltd e-liquid production

Production is the moment where your e-liquid vision becomes reality. At the heart of our manufacturing operation is the production laboratory. Within our 30,000sq ft manufacturing facility, there are currently 6 fully automated production lines, 8 semi-automated lines and a dedicated 3,000 sq ft space for our laboratory facilities. These facilities, coupled with our dedicated team, allow us to blend, bottle and produce over 3.5 million units of e-liquid per month.

Our e-liquid manufacturing equipment is of the highest calibre. Our pumping and weighing equipment is to pharmaceutical standards and our processes are ISO 9001 accredited. Operating under strict safeguards, our ISO 7 clean rooms ensure that all e-liquids produced in our facility are of the highest purity.

We are also able to produce in a broad range of custom bottles and sizes, along with the industry standard 10ml, 30ml and 60ml bottles.

We recognise the importance of consistency and quality which is why our entire production process is conducted under the independent vigilance of our Quality Control and Assurance teams. Ensuring that the production process is monitored by at least two independent departments provides you with total peace of mind that only consistently high quality products, which positively reflect your brand equity, will hit the markets.