The best brand, best marketing and best distribution model will get you far in the industry. But, unless you also have the best flavours, those initial sales numbers will rapidly diminish. Flavours are at the heart of our business and we can place them at the heart of yours too.


We partner with some of the world’s best flavour houses to provide you with the highest quality
of flavour concentrates. Our product management and in-house flavourists then work with these

concentrates to formulate unique and quality flavours.

With so many products in the market, ‘good’ isn’t always good enough. You’re going to need to be outstanding and this is where our in-house team of expert flavourists excel.

A good number of flavours that we’ve developed have won prestigious awards across Europe, the USA and, of course, the UK too. Our talented team of flavourists and mixologists can create flavours for you with the same award-winning potential.