Whether you’re a new entrant to the market or an established player, all good relationships begin with clear understanding. Before we start the eliquid manufacturing process, we will begin with a discovery meeting. Taking the time up front allows us to deliver the results you want to see, with minimal back-and-forth as we move forwards.

New Ventures


As a new business, we’ll use the discovery meeting to capture your vision, goals
and strategy. We’ll also offer our years of experience to help you maximise the opportunity from your investment. We’ll understand what types of flavours you
want to offer and whether you’re aiming for high-end, budget or a range that’s
somewhere in between.

If you would like us to assist with branding and design, we’ll also use the brand discovery session to get an understanding of the visual style, brand tone of voice and all other elements we need to match your expectations as closely and quickly as possible.

Established Players


There are so many ways we’re engaged by established companies.
Whether it be flavour development, co-packing or compliance, we’ll discuss the
motivators and drivers for your project and be sure to give you precisely what you’re looking for, in the most efficient way possible.