Once we have developed the flavours for your e-liquid products, you have the option to work with our expert team of graphic designers to bring your brand to life.

The bottle, the box, the label, and the special finishing options are all features of this design process.

If you need help creating the branding for your e-liquid, our experienced graphic design team can develop a design to effectively capture and communicate your brand vision.

Vape shops have many brands competing for attention and this is why a strong design is so important. You can have the best flavours in the world but if nobody notices your brand, nobody will try them. Flavours capture repeat sales but branding captures attention.

We’re always excited to share our expertise and insights to help you create an eye-catching brand to captivate your desired audience. It’s just as rewarding to get a ‘wow’ from our design work as it is to get one from our flavours.

Our creative team have developed the branding for some of the top, award-winning e-liquid brands in the UK and wider markets. As well as helping develop new brands, our creative team are also on hand to advise existing e-liquid companies on how to successfully rebrand to drive awareness and engagement.